Mar 27, 2006

Revisiting an old entry

On Friday, the Dr. Phil show re-ran the show about opening a dream business. I watched a few minutes of the two moms who wanted to open their own boutique. It still all rang so true for the scrapbook industry and for those who dream of opening a scrapbook store. Here's the link to my original blog entry about this show last October: Dr. Phil - Business Guru

I get lots of hits on my blog from searches on how to open a scrapbook store. We even have several members at ScrapBiz now who either own a store or are working on opening a scrapbook store. I really think that they will be the ones who survive because they are really doing their homework and making smart ("How much of this can I really sell and do my customers want this?"), not emotional ("I LOVE that line - I want to carry it ALL") decisions about their businesses.

In fact, I get to shop one of my member stores (Lighthouse Scrapbooks) next week when I visit Lincoln City, OR for spring break. I always love shopping member businesses!

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