Mar 23, 2006

Where to shop

I "get around" on the internet message boards and I see a lot of "DON'T SHOP AT THIS PLACE" messages. I will be the first to admit that there are a LOT of BAAAAD online stores with unresponsive, unprofessional owners or poor customer service. I have been dealing with that sort of thing lately myself. I have contacted a sports place no less than half a dozen times now - through email, by phone, and stopping by their closed location - trying to, oh, GIVE THEM MY MONEY by signing my kids up for their program. I don't know how much the program costs exactly and that's all I am trying to find out. The only communication I have gotten to date are a bunch of "rah, rah, aren't we great" emails from when I tried to contact them through their site and ended up on their email list. Their lack of response amazes me. If you're too busy to talk to me, then maybe you're too busy to take my money every month...

Anyway, one of the problems with poor service is often that the owner lacks the skills to do what the customer reasonably expects. You have to put yourself in your customer's shoes in order to understand how the customer feels when you don't respond to them.

There are LOTS of great scrapbook businesses out there. Many of them can be found right at ScrapBiz. We talk about customer service and professionalism a LOT and our members are well-educated in what the term "customer service" means.

If you are looking for a place to shop, a consultant to hold a party with, an event to attend or a scrapbook to be made, I invite you to look for a business near you at the ScrapBiz Business Locator. You'll get great service and selection from our members! They are truly the scrapbook industry's "Cream of the Crop".

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Kris said...

Great blog! I know what mag your talking about....I usually tear out the pages of layouts that inspire me but that one....not so much anymore. Who can spend an entire DAY on a layout?! Arg!