May 8, 2006


Ever wish you had $500 to spend on scrapbook stuff? Well, here it is - this is what $500 will get you. Not much is it?? Okay, in fairness, each of the page kits (Doodlebug Designs and Hot Off The Press) have 2-3 kits in each stack. And, the pile includes a large Tonic Guillotine trimmer and a small Tonic Personal trimmer (both are my FAVORITE!) so that pumps the price quite a bit. Still, when I open a box from a wholesale vendor and realize how little is in it vs. how MUCH it's worth, I'm always shocked. This can be a very expensive "sport".

I was in a craft store (smaller chain) on National Scrapbook Day and was shocked at the price of some of the new products. There was a line of chipboard accents that were $7.49. It was a single-side of a half sheet of paper and had several cute pre-printed chipboard hearts on it that you could punch out. The price was incredible! I could print out patterned hearts on my computer or use stickers and get the same effect for much, much less. Don't get me wrong - I buy PLENTY of scrapbook stuff, but, there are some products out there that are CLEARLY over-priced for the "value" you get from them. I think the scrapbook industry needs to take note of the high prices of many products and re-evaluate pricing. Sometimes I think they slap a high price on it just because it was made by a "brand name industry celebrity". That doesn't make it any better or any worse, it just usually makes it more expensive.

I hope everyone had a GREAT National Scrapbook Day!!!! I participated in some retail therapy at a local store and got some fun new stuff!

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