May 3, 2006

The NEW and IMPROVED ScrapBiz Home Office

Actually, it couldn't HELP but be improved - it was a DIVE. I have put off getting the office together for far too long. I had my scrapbook stuff in a sitting room off our bedroom and I would haul it down to scrap on the dining room table. My mom and dad came over last week while Mark was travelling and MADE me re-do my office. I must say, I got to scrap in it this weekend and I was almost in tears! It's SO COOL to have everything organized and available - the paper, the embellishments, the tools - they all have a place and I CAN FIND THEM!!!!! Much of my office is from Ikea - that has GOT to be the greatest place for scrapbook organization. Every major piece of furniture in the office is from Ikea and the hanging buckets, lamps and metal containers on the bookshelves are Ikea, too. All the plastic boxes on the shelf contain my stickers and other flat embellishments. They are divided by theme. I found these boxes at Daiso - a Japanese Dollar Store in the mall. They were PERFECT!

The room is only 11x11, but there is a LOT of stuff in there. Now, when Oprah calls and wants to interview me for her "Female Entrepreneur of the Year" , I'll be ready to let her cameras into my office!!!! (HA! I wish!)

I know, I have committed a SIN by having my paper rack by the window - but it's the only place it will fit and in Seattle, we don't get enough sun most of the year to worry about it. I DID put dark cardboard on the back side to keep the sun from coming through the slots.


Pam Tremble said...

Amazing! I'm in the midst of my scrapbook studio remodeling project (painting again tonight!) and am inspired by your office! I've heard about those little plastic containers at the dollar store but I can't find them anywhere! And I love the big silver buckets - great idea! ~Pam

Amy said...

Okay Kim! You're hired! You NEED to come help me :o)It look gorgous and SO each to work in.~Amy

Suzy said...

Wow!! Looks great Kim. You need to come do my room too! I organize mine and then little elves come and mess it up.


Kindra Beauprey said...

Kim, caught a link here from SUN. Way to go! You deserve a great space to work in.