May 17, 2006

ScrapBiz Member Snapshot

Recently, we surveyed ScrapBiz Members to see how we're doing. We want to be meeting THEIR needs - because, afterall, it's not about us - it's about THEM.

Here's a snapshot of the results of our survey:

85% of ScrapBiz members who responded to the survey say that their business is as or more successful than expected!

100% say their business is as or more personally rewarding than expected (65% said it was MORE rewarding than expected)

98% said that ScrapBiz membership had a postive impact on their business!

100% percent said that the ScrapBiz Community (aka THE CLUBHOUSE) was very helpful to them (lots of info is found there)

95% said that our monthly newsletter (ScrapBizness) was very helpful to their business. (Click HERE to find out how to get some of those newsletters to help your business)

92% said that the business resources found in THE CLUBHOUSE were helpful to their business. (Most people can't BELIEVE all the resources we have at ScrapBiz! It's a library of information.)

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