May 2, 2006

ScrapBiz - too good to be true??

Last week I started a thread at the ScrapBiz member message boards that turned into a "how did you hear about ScrapBiz" thread. The replies were fabulous! It was funny how many members said things like, "Oh, well, I figured if it turned out to be a scam, I could get my money back through Paypal." ScrapBiz almost DOES sound too good to be true when you compare it to direct sales companies! But, 350+ business members will tell you that it's exactly what you need to start your scrapbook business!

Here is a sample of what current members said:

"I'm sorry I waited so long to join!"
(apparently, I have "cyber stalkers" out there- several members said they were addicted to the website and read it constantly for a period of time before joining - some even kept joining direct sales companies but kept coming back to read about ScrapBiz.)

"I was doing a search for starting a scrapbooking business - I was looking for books and materials, not so much a membership program. When I found ScrapBiz and read a few things - I was amazed at the honesty. First thing I read is how many businesses fail. After reading a bit more, I really liked that the information seemed to be true (and not some elaborate fairly tale how anybody can do anything)"

"The moment I heard about Scrapbiz (on the scrapbook companies yahoo group maybe??? can't remember which online group brought me here) I knew it was the way I was going to go. No question. Of course, it just might be the control freak in me, but I wanted to do and be what I wanted to do and be." (the perfect reason to join!)

"I googled WHOLESALE SCRAPBOOK SUPPLIES --I was so clueless when I joined in March of last year! I remember thinking "please don't be a pyramid scheme, please don't be a pyramid scheme"--too funny huh?" (this cracked me up - no pyramids here!)

"I found out about ScrapBiz when I was looking at MLM's. I saw Kim's posts on message boards. This seemed way too good to be true. How could I be independent for the same price as the MLM's? I emailed Kim numerous times, because I thought she was a big scammer. WRONG! This is the best cheap investment I have ever made. I'm so happy here and for the newbies. Kim is a real advocate for all of us and has made great changes and strides in the industry. "
(this member keeps telling me that ScrapBiz is worth far more than what the membership fee is. Maybe I'll charge her DOUBLE - LOL!)

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