Jun 28, 2006


I have been scrapbook shopping recently and have purchased very little. It seems that paper is heavily skewed towards GIRLS. Everything is floral or pastel these days. There is very little in the way of masculine stripes or patterns. If you want boy paper, you need to want SPECIFIC boy paper - cowboy, sports, camping, scouts, etc. There is very little generic but masculine patterned paper out there.

Sometimes, I just need a blue and green stripe or an "earth tone" stripe. I don't always need a paper that has "SON" on it in 12 different languages.

As someone who rarely has the opportunity to scrap something "girly", I am registering my frustration. Are you listening manufacturers??? Mothers of boys take photos too!!!! I think the lack of boy papers is the result of an industry run largely by women. I think many are making what THEY like. And, face it, it's more fun to put little flowers all over a page than frogs. That being said, we mother's of boys need fun, generic papers, too!!!


DanniLake said...

I am so hearing you!! As mother of two boys, I find it almost impossible to get a decent boy pp, but even worse, I can't find boy embellishments!! How hard can it be?? Some frogs, some balls, trains, bikes... come on!! Can someone out there PLEASE help us?!?!?!

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