Jun 29, 2006

The Delicious Scent of Summer

Candles and scrapbooking don't really go hand in hand. In fact, one unnamed ScrapBiz member recently knocked over a candle on one of those candle warmer plates she had on in her scrapbook room and COVERED a project she was working on with melted wax! And, then there's the "fire and paper don't mix" issue. So, here's my disclaimer - DON'T light candles in your scrapbook studio!

That being said, DO run out and pick yourself up a Fresh Mint Candle from Yankee Candle. I am a picky "smelly" candle person. A sticky sweet scent like "cinnamon roll" or "gardenia" can make me want to toss my lunch after a while. I tend to like the more "fresh" and "spicy" scents like cinnamon stick or lemon. I saw the Fresh Mint candle in the Yankee Candle catalog I got in April. Did you know that those catalogs have "smell-o-vision"? Some of their featured candles are "scratch and sniff". My kids and I scratched the Fresh Mint page TO DEATH!

I am a mint junky - it's my own form of catnip. I have a patch of mint growing just outside my front door in a spot that it can't do any damage (spearmint grows like a WEED and can overwhelm a flower bed pretty fast). Whenever I walk out my front door, I swipe my hand through it to get the scent on my hand, or I'll pick some leaves and sniff them. I love to chop them up and add them to a salad, even. It's sheltered from the elements and in our mild winters, I have small patches of it year-round.

So, when I smelled that candle, I HAD to have one. Actually, since May, I'm on my THIRD big jar!!! Each jar burns up to 150 hours - that's a LOT of burnin' that's been going on at my house!

I am afraid that once summer is over, they'll discontinue Fresh Mint - so, just in case, I'm buying a couple more jars! In January, I'll LOVE to have a bit of Summer burning in my kitchen!

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Lilli said...

I'm with you about smells and smelly candles. I have them in my music teaching studio and the kids absolutely love them, esp the boys!

I don't burn them most of the time: I use one of those little electric pads that slowly melts the wax instead of burning it. The theory is that you get the smell without losing the wax, therefore the candle lasts longer.

So far it's working well. One of the candles that I've been 'heating' for a few weeks seems to be losing its smell a bit......or is it my imagination?

I'll have to look out for the mint candle! Love mint :) Thanks