Jul 17, 2006

Did we miss anything???

ScrapBiz facts:

over 13,000 TOPICS

over 86,000 POSTS

over a MILLION hits each month

Did we miss anything???

I think we've just about talked about anything you can imagine!


Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

WOW! Those are stats I did not know. You don't get this good by being lucky. The Clubhouse is FULL of relevant, recent and accurate info (who knew there was so much of it??) Go Kim!!!

Carrie Ann said...

That's amazing. I didn't realize ScrapBiz had so much goin' on!

Congrats on a very successful business!

Angela P said...

Holy Cow - you people talk about a lot!!! When I get ready to start my business, i'll defintely head for Scrapbiz.