Oct 6, 2006

Fun Ikea Project

Look at this project I made for the Ikea Scrapbook Organization Class!

This card or photo holder can be found in the frames section of Ikea. It's black but I painted mine gold. Then I made 4x4 inch digi layouts using Scrapbook Max! software. It's like a scrapbook Christmas wreath!

The SNOW FRIENDS layout in the top photo has some scanned school artwork as page embellishments. This is a GREAT idea for preserving kids' school stuff. If it's not ultra-special (like a "Mom, I love you" card), I scan it and throw it away. Then I use my kids' artwork to decorate pages from time to time. The snowman and the snowman story (which is hilarious, BTW - my son and a snowman eat "macuroni and cheez" together) were perfect for this mini page.

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