Oct 4, 2006

Are you Gellin' or Crocin' for Memory Trends?

I'm gellin' so my feet won't be swellin'. I just got some Gel arch support inserts for my Memory Trends shoes and they are COMFY! I tried on Crocs but I just couldn't do it - the funky plastic colors reminded me too much of the "Jellies" shoes from my middle-school days OR of my waterproof gardening clogs. I'm not a Croc kind of girl. So, I went with some sensible comfy shoes and some nice comfy arch supports. Just walking from my room in the Venetian to the Sands Expo center wears me out!

I can't wait, though! We will have a record number of ScrapBiz members there this year!!!! We have something like 25 for breakfast!

Waiting to go to Memory Trends is like waiting for Christmas!!! Although I am not a Las Vegas fan, I love the trade show and I love to hang with ScrapBizzers!!!!

It's going to be a BUSY week - MT Monday through Thursday and then home to get ready for my Ikea workshop on Saturday!

See ya' next week!

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