Dec 18, 2006

Might I suggest...

Something like THIS for the Provo Craft boycott at CHA? What happened is just plain WRONG and PC just keeps talking and digging at the same time. I swear, they could cure cancer and negotiate world peace and they STILL wouldn't win any friends right now. Their letters sound like political speeches with business school double-talk and narrowly defined words (such as "contract"). I think it was the Chesire Cat in Alice in Wonderland who said he wanted to OWN words. When asked why, he said something like, "So I could define them any way I wanted to". That's what apparently has happened with the word, "Contract". They seem to have a fuzzy definition of it that the rest of us don't understand. They're splitting hairs. Yes, it's a minimum advertised price contract, but there were unspoken and now broken parts of it that they seem to have forgotten... Kudos to them for not getting those parts in writing. It worked to their advantage, didn't it???

I'm not a hot-shot graphics person so maybe someone could clean this up and make it look better. There is no law against using the word PROVO - it's JUST a town in Utah, isn't it? (*wink*). And GREEN is JUST a color... (*wink, wink*) I think it's very fortunate that it has TWO O's (er, frowny faces) in it!


Anonymous said...

Can you give the frowny O's antennae?

Jennifer said...

How's this??

Sorry I couldn't get it to show up here!!