Dec 31, 2006

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

Assuming this photo is correct - which I don't know why it wouldn't be. Leaving Prints is closed - for good.

I was correct earlier this month (LINK) when I said that this was the beginning of the end. They wanted to tidy things up for the end of 2006 so that they didn't have to start 2007 with their little mess. It was a convenient time to end and I predicted that.

I only hope the casualties are smaller than the Scrap In A Snap mess that Leaving Prints rose out of. Before you run off and sign up for another direct sales company, check out my previous entries about direct sales: LINK There is a definite pattern to their life cycles. None of them always have a clean bill of health - they go through periods of "illness" and sometimes they recover and sometimes they don't. Leaving Prints is apparently NOT recovering. The tremendous slowing of Scrapbook Industry growth in the last couple of years has really thrown a wrench in the ability of some of these companies to manage cash flow. And, if you can't manage cash flow, you can't buy products or pay commissions. The industry is not dead, it just went from about 20% annual growth (very explosive), down to about 7-8% annual growth (pretty normal) and no one was prepared for the slow-down.

That's the beauty of owning your OWN business. You can adapt and adjust at your own rate and according to your own needs. As I have told ScrapBiz members - ScrapBiz could close tomorrow (not going to happen, though) and they would only miss the support and information. It wouldn't devesate their businesses and force them OUT of business with ScrapBiz.

If you're SERIOUS about running your business and now looking for a soft place to fall and not wanting to sign up for ANOTHER direct sales company, check out ScrapBiz. Here's a blog entry that shows you the difference in profit between us and a direct sales company. LINK

ScrapBiz was born from the near-death experience of another direct sales company. We understand what it feels like to be in this predicament. Come join us and see the difference!

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