Dec 29, 2006

Start a New Biz in 2007!

We're tuning up our business start-up guide for the new year. Every year we give it an annual update to reflect changes in the industry and the way you do business. Part of this year's "tune-up" includes adding information on the pros and cons of starting a kit club. We already cover online stores, scrapping for others, consulting, product development and even opening a bricks and mortar store. ScrapBiz just keeps getting bigger and better every year! There's not another place on the net where you can find this kind of current business information - applied to YOUR business - all in one place! With our 2 week New Year special, you will be able to try ScrapBiz for THREE MONTHS on us when you buy our start-up guide and sign up for a membership subscription. We'll rebate back $25 to your paypal account when you join us.

We intend to make 2007 our best year EVER, do you???

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