Feb 9, 2007

Kudos to the new MemoryTrends trade magazine

I received the premier edition yesterday and read it last night. I was SO IMPRESSED. I have always found editor Beth Hess' opinions about the industry to be very well reasoned, but the whole magazine itself was fabulous!

I loved all the "stuff" in it. It had everything from factoids about retailing and the industry to a nice amount of ads (I HATE trade magazines that look like catalogs!!!!) to some really interesting articles that were well written by people in the industry who know what they are talking about(as opposed to some of the fakers I see in other magazines with pumped up bios and pointless articles). There were also quotes from scrappers talking about the craft. I appreciated the perspective of both retailers AND scrappers. It helps us understand the industry and where it's headed. If we don't listen to scrappers, we're not going to grow and change appropriately.

Thank you, Beth and Bill, for putting out a magazine with a fresh, new approach. The magazine held my interest from cover to cover.

BTW, this magazine is for the trade only - meaning it's for retailers in the industry. There wasn't much that a scrapper would find useful so please don't flood them with requests for the magazine.

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Susan said...

I agree! The Memorytrends magazine is very informative and interesting - I got a copy at CHA and was very impressed too.