Feb 15, 2007

Meet a ScrapBiz Member!

Meet Sandra Brindley, ScrapBiz Member, and read about her story HERE.

Sandra is a SAHM scrapbooker who has realized her dream of being a successful business owner with the help of ScrapBiz!

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Anonymous said...

Sandra is truely amazing!
She is a great mom and wife and finds time to run the best home based business I have ever seen. She really loves what she does and it shows in how she is able to produce amazing kits month after month, as well as host the most fun crop nights. She even finds time to bring her store to crops in the community and to weekend retreats... she always keeps things fresh, interesting and exciting ... and best yet, she is fun to be around! She even loves Stickles (my favourite embellishment). thanks for letting others get to know her.