Feb 21, 2007

WooHoo! New Camera!

My dh is the BEST! I have been whining about our digital cameras (we have two). Unless I am standing outside on a sunny day taking photos of my kids, they do a horrible job. The Santa photos of our kids at Christmas made me want to cry. They are blurry. I made a Picaboo book of our Christmas photos and while the book was beautiful. The photography left a lot to be desired.

Well, for Valentine's day, Mark let me pick out a new Digital SLR. I have a Canon Rebel SLR so I thought I wanted a Canon Digital Rebel. But, I ended up with the new Sony A100 and I LOVE it! The photos it takes are stunning!

Of course, now I want all the fun lenses to go with it! At least gifts will be easy for Mark for a while - just buy me camera stuff and I'm good!

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