Mar 20, 2007

Good Advice for a Bad Move!

A few weeks ago, Rosie O'Donnell accused American Idol of being "racist and weightist". I'll admit that usually, when Rosie's mouth is moving, I am not listening. But, in this case, I caught the story in the middle and worked back to the original issue. Apparently, American Idol pushed back against Rosie's tirade by revoking the right for The View to show AI clips during the "host chat" anymore. Makes total sense to me.

After this happened, Rosie mocked their decision (during the opening chat) to not let The View show AI clips and Barbara Walters offered probably the best answer ever - she said something like, "Well, you can't slap someone with your right hand while asking for favors with your left."

So, yesterday I got a trade magazine in the mail. As I ripped off the plastic and started thumbing through it, I noticed a "theme" of sorts. The theme was, "let's kill the third industry trade show". By the "third" tradeshow, they pretty much meant Memory Trends. No less than 6 articles in that magazine made significant mention of not needing that third trade show. Some of them said that CHA was the OFFICIAL industry show and that their 2 shows were plenty. Others decried the fact that the last Memory Trends show was poorly attended while still others implied it was responsible for all that was wrong in the industry by forcing vendors to pump out products 3 times a year instead of just two. The articles were all written by different authors. Was it just some cosmic aligning of the universe that caused all of them to address the issue? I don't think so.

This magazine is apparently also aligned with a retail business group who is heavily invested in the CHA shows. And, Memory Trends just started publishing a fabulous magazine that stands to provide some pretty stiff competition to this particular magazine. There was DEFINITELY a thinly veiled agenda.

Here's the twist - contained within this particular issue is a TWO PAGE ad for the next Memory Trends trade show. A double page ad is $1400. So, while this magazine was slapping Memory Trends with it's right hand, it was putting MT's money in their pocket with their left. Wow... amazing.

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Anonymous said...

I thought that was extremely poor taste also. I am not a big fan of that magazine in the first place and this was just one more reason to not care for them.

Did you get all the Photomax spams from them? I was furious when they started spamming their subscriber base with their MLM photo processing opportunity.