Mar 19, 2007

Miss Elizabeth's

Occasionally, I will check my blog stats to see which posts are being viewed most or which search engine keywords send the most people to my blog. Hands down, the most popular post on my blog is my commentary nearly 18 months ago about Miss Elizabeth's scrapbook products.

I continue to get questions and comments about that line. Let me take a minute to clear up some of the common questions - to the best of my knowledge and my knowledge about how products are manufactured in the industry.

Miss Elizabeth's is a line that is exclusive to the Dollar Tree. I believe it is distributed by Greenbrier International. As best as I can tell, they are a distributor exclusive to the Dollar Tree. They don't make the products - at least the scrapbook ones - but they source for products internationally and resell them to the Dollar Tree (and other similar stores). Some products at the Dollar Tree are overstocks or discontinued (like toothpaste, cereal, juice, books, etc) while others (like gift bags, toys, scrapbook products, etc) are exclusive to the Dollar Tree or other Dollar Stores. There are large Dollar Store conventions like CHA dedicated to JUST the dollar store industry that showcase products made or labeled JUST for dollar stores.

The Miss Elizabeth's line is representative of the types of very cheap knock-off products you see at Chinese stationary and office products manufacturers. If you go to a site that lists companies in China that make these types of products, you will see much of the Miss Elizabeth's line. These companies make products that are free of any branding and then a larger company, like Greenbrier, goes to them and picks products and has the Chinese manufacturer put a specific brand on the label. I often see similar or knock-off products on some of the Chinese sites. For a price and a minimum order (don't get excited, it's often a minimum of 1,000-5,000 PER ITEM), you can have any label printed and put on the package. That's what the Miss Elizabeth's line is - common stuff selected specifically for the line and then "Branded".

Therefore, you will not find it anywhere else - like through a normal scrapbook distributor unless someone else liked the quality and the product and had their own brand put on it. I've seen that before - stuff that shows up as "brand free" on a Chinese site but has shown up in the industry as a branded products. Quality can be non-existent at times with this type of operation, though. Rub-Ons and adhesives (like tape runners) come to mind - they can look so similar but the quality can be miles apart. Buyer Beware, I guess. I tossed every Miss Elizabeth's tape runner that my mom bought me at her local Dollar Tree store. A 1 dollar tape runner will hold for about 1 minute if you can even get the adhesive off the tape in the first place.

Hopefully this helps to clear up some of the questions about this line. There are some very good (much better quality) dollar lines within the scrapbook industry, too. I would suggest you look for those at your local scrapbook retailers.


Krakovski said...

I was thinking to buy some packages of this brand in ebay US $4.64 each with 10 but first a was searching for the brand and what a surprise is from a dollar store!!!!
Thanks for you opinion it was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a bit strange for the brand manufacturer to respond to comments on a blog but I couldn't resist.
Chartwell Studio is an American manufacturer designs and manufacturers the Miss Elizabeth's brand of paper and stickers exclusively for Dollar Tree. The quality of the paper, print and diecutting of the stickers is the best quality in the United States. The value is amazing. So if you are going to suggest that the paper and sticker designs are Chinese knock-offs you should probably do your homework first. Miss Elizabeth's is an excellent value brought to the consumer at the best quality and price anywhere.
Chartwell Studio,Inc

sue z said...

I can't speak for any of the other products at dollar Tree store. However, I can speak for the Miss Elizabeth's paper and sticker product.
The quality is unbelievable. The printing on the paper is some of the best I have ever experienced.
I am an american designer, and I do original artwork for Chartwell Studio,Inc.

I have learned just because a product has a small price tag on it it does not mean you get what you pay for. Fancy designer brand name's are often made in china . (I am talking all kinds of products)

I have found plenty of junk, Chinese knockoffs in many dollar type stores also (not this line).

All I can tell you is Chartwell studio, Inc does a fabulous job putting the scrapbook line together .
I am not just saying this because I designed for the line.

Kim Guymon said...

While the paper and stickers might be designed by Chartwell, the 3-D Stickers, embellishments and tape runners are cheap junk you can buy from any Chinese stationary goods manufacturer. That's where the "brand names" get their embellishments, too. It's a myth in the industry that stuff is ALWAYS designed by the brand. I saw tons of K&Co 3-D embellishment stickers at a Chinese manufacturer's booth at a trade show. The brands just pay to have their brand put on the tag.

Actually, I find the Dollar Tree Stickers to have a short shelf life. If I don't use them quickly, they lose their stick.

Anonymous said...

The dollar store says they are discontinuing this brand but me and my mom love the paper. Will it be possible to get these items (besides ebay) if the dollar store will no longer sell them?

Anonymous said...

OK... Miss Elizabeth's line has some grat items. The paper and some of the "embellishments" are exceptional...better than some of the high $$$ products available. I was ina Dollar Tree store yesterday and they confirmed that they are discontinuing to sell this "brand", as they can no longer offer these items for $1.00 or less. Some of these products are offered on ebay... for as much as $2.50 over the per item cost at Dollar Tree. Obviously, these "sellers" have made a "haul" from their local Dollar Tree and are reselling the items at a HUGE profit. SO... does anyone know how to get these products (I don't care what the label says... Miss Elizabeth's or whatever)? I'd really like to continue to get and use these gems.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am looking to buy the Miss Elizabeth's scrapbook refill pages that are 12x12 in a 10 pack. I used to buy them at my local
Dollar Tree store in Miami but it has been a long while since they do not have them. Please, I make a lot of scrapbooks for my family and I'm running out. Can you help me find them so that I can purchase some again. Thak You.
Estrella from Miami.

Anonymous said...

I also am looking foe Miss Elizabeth's 10 pack of scrapbook refills. I believe they are better than the ones I am able to find locally. They are clearer and my designs show up better. Perhaps the compnay that makes these should start selling on the Interent.

Anonymous said...

I just purchased 10 page scrapbook refill pages from my local dollar store. I believe the brand is "Special Moments" and distributed by Greenbrier International. However, can anyone tell me if they are photo safe acid free? If so these are a GREAT deal!