Apr 2, 2007

Lovin' My New Camera

We are at the Oregon Coast for Spring Break. My 17 year old nephew fancies himself as a Circus Act and loves to flip off of things. This is him flipping off of a sand dune. He's going to break his neck one day. But he's too big to spank - so, I'll just document his death defying lunacy.

Awesome photo but don't try this at home, kids!

Maybe I'll make him a scrapbook called "10 Stupid Things I Knew Better than to Do, But They Were SO AWESOME!"


Anonymous said...

Awesome picture Kim! Boys! Have a fun break ~ you missed a dusting of snow this morning.


Vikki said...

What is your new camera Kim? It takes a beautiful photo! I have a 4 year old that likes to do that kind of stuff! Imagine my fear when I saw it continues up to 17! He does flips off of everything! I am praying for no broken bones!

Seriously, love to know what kind of camera? It looks like you are an expert photographer, but if my photos could look like that I'd be so happy! Thanks for sharing.