Apr 20, 2007

This says it all about ScrapBiz

We have a newish member who actually is taking her SECOND crack at a scrapbook business. Her first was a kit club in 2005 which she finally closed out of frustration and all the challenges of running a business without support. Someone asked her how ScrapBiz is making a difference vs last time and I loved her response. It says it all about what ScrapBiz can do for you!

"There were so many questions when I decided to start my kit club in 2005! I had no idea where to go to get the answers. For instance: Where did I find out the names of all the different scrapbooking wholesalers and how did I contact them? I knew a lot of names because I had been scrapbooking for several years - but there were tons of names I didn't know! I ended up searching google, going to the scrapbook stores and looking at the packaging for website info, looking at trade show websites to see who the vendors were, etc, etc. I didn't even know about distributors until my first trade show!!

There were a lot of questions about the website, hosting company, credit card payments, how to figure shipping, where to get the boxes to ship things in, where to order labels and clear bags, what kind of accounting program to use for kits, how to advertise, what kind of profit margin was needed, how to get good, clear pictures for the website, how to set up a forum and gallery, how to set up an oscommerce shopping cart..........and so on.

I don't think there was a question that I had that I couldn't have gotten an answer to on this board (ScrapBiz) in just a couple of hours or less! But there is so much more here! For instance, the variety of different possibilities for a home-based scrapbooking business is really eye-opening, and if I'm interested in learning more about any one of them, all I have to do is ask.

Also, I have read some really wonderful ideas on marketing, advertising, customer service, contests, crops, newsletters, retreats, logos, taglines, website design, etc. I don't think there is anything that I need to know to make my business a success that I cannot read or ask about at Scrapbiz. I'm thrilled to be a member!"

If you already have an existing business, we can still help. We could have helped to save this member's business in 2005!

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