May 29, 2007

Harry Happy!

I guess the official "man mascot" of ScrapBiz would HAVE to be Harry Connick Jr. He is on tour right now and we have several members going to his concerts. Tonight, we have Alison of Midnight Oil Scrapbook Designs listening to "His Dreamyness" in Spokane (with like an hour's notice - her husband got some tickets for FREE!). Then, on Saturday, Alicia Bull and I (oh yes, and our husbands - how could I forget - SILLY ME!) are going to see him here in the Seattle area. Then, ScrapBiz Maven and Memory Workshop owner, Sandra Brindley will be enjoying him in Vancouver, BC. We'll try to leave some of him for you Sandra!

We are just WILD about Harry at ScrapBiz!


Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

How about if we all took SCRAPBIZ signs to wave.


I bet he'd notice by the time he got here. Of course, it would be ME he invited backstage afterwards...

Kim Guymon said...

Good idea - and very selfish, too - LOL! A couple of years ago, these two women (fan clubbers) followed him all over the NW. At the Seattle Concert, he called them Stalkers and said he was starting to become scared of them - LOL! Then he told them they could lay down and take a nap because he was just going to do what he had done the previous 6 nights and that they had to be bored by now.