May 23, 2007

Mini Memories

Mini Disney Album from Luggage Tags

The June edition of Family Fun Magazine has a fun idea for preserving your vacation memories. One family collects post cards on their trips and then uses the backs to record their memories (page 86). Then they laminate the cards and put them together on a binder ring. It would be fun to buy several cards and alter the backs of some with photos from your trip to mix in with the others. Maybe have each person write their memories on one post card they got to choose.

This reminded me of a ScrapBiz workshop we did for our members a few years ago. I used sticky luggage tags to make a mini album of scanned and reduced scrapbook pages. Then I tied the tops together with ribbon. We also did a version where we ran the mini - pages through a laminator, punched holes in the corner of each page and put them on a binder ring. It was a cute little flip album to carry in your purse.

This idea would work great for Scrapbook Artists who want to carry a mini-portfolio with them at all times. How would it be to talk about your business and then be able to pull out some of your work if someone sounded interested? There's nothing like being able to strike while the iron's hot! Or, if you are a direct sales consultant with a catalog, scan your catalog pages and reduce them down in this manner so you always have a mini-catalog in your purse to show prospective customers what you sell.

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