May 21, 2007


I find Wikipedia to be fascinating. It's an interesting collaboration of information written by pretty much everyone. I'm sure that any given entry isn't 100% correct, but it's an interesting place to start when you want to find out about something or someone.

For instance, here is the Wikipedia entry for Scrapbooking. Some of that entry was contribute by yours truly. It's interesting to help write the history of this industry. No longer is "authorship" being left up to the "professionals". The advent of Blogs and Wikis have given everyone with an opinion and a bit of info the ability to easily make a contribution to the world of information.

Recently, Angie Pedersen posted an announcement at her Scrapbook Industry News site that a new Digital Scrapbook Wiki has been formed. Since these scrappers are already tech-savvy, it will be interesting to watch it develop and see the level of participation. Hopefully it will become a place where someone can go and find out all sorts of good info about digi scrapping.

Oh, and one more thing (unrelated) - click the Odeo player on the left side of the page for the latest ScrapBiz News. It's fun (and easy) to make audio press releases at Odeo.

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