May 24, 2007

One More Thought about my Popcorn Post

Where do companies like Provo Craft go? Which show? PMA or CHA Winter? They certainly aren't going to invest the money to have TWO booths at TWO different trade shows within TWO weeks. What about our distributors? They almost all sell yarn and beads and cross-stitch kits in addition to their scrapbook lines. Most of them were CRAFT distributors for many years before scrapbooking ever came on the scene.

This goes back to the fact that the scrapbook industry is really two halves - digital and traditional. The digital side is ABSOLUTELY in line with the Photo Marketing Association. They are much more tech and much more about less stuff and more printing. The traditional side of the industry is more crafty. Who hasn't gone to a trade show and walked the aisles and found GREAT new lines of ribbon or flowers in the general crafts section? We won't get that at PMA.

This issue is about scheduling, not which Association is better for our industry. If the PMA show wasn't right on top of CHA winter, then we'd all be happy. But then, we go back to that whole nasty "Third Show" issue.

I still have my extra large popcorn...

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