Jun 11, 2007

Does Perfection Exist?

Just for fun, I have tried just about every digital book company out there. I like elements from each. But, I have yet to find perfection. Things I like:
  • Linen and leather covers (look more like a scrapbook)
  • Drag and Drop software (like Heritage Makers Studio)
  • Warnings that tell you your photo isn't good enough quality to print (they MEAN it, too!)
  • 11 x 8 1/2 landscape (I am NOT a square scrapper)
  • Lots of font choices
  • Software that is on MY Desktop (it moves so much faster)
  • The ability to share books with others
  • lots of font and background choices
  • photo fixes and edits

Then there is the list of things I'd change:

  • Tiny photos that I can't see without a pair of Mr. Magoo glasses
  • Software that doesn't magically make the photos I've used disappear from the photo tray (when I come back 2 weeks later, I seriously hate having to go through the WHOLE book to see what I've used)
  • Slow loading software that isn't on my desktop (I hate waiting)
  • Poor quality books that look like they'd fall apart after 10 reads
  • Not being able to change the background for each page - my scrapbook wouldn't have the same cardstock throughout!
  • tiny little page elements I can't see without those big glasses
  • very few font and background choices
  • software that DOESN'T alert you that your photo won't print well (there's nothing worse than paying $40 for a book that looks like crap)

I wish that I could find the PERFECT company. I love making the digital books, but I just can't find one that has it all! There are some that are close, but we aren't there yet!

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Christine Smith said...

I just wanted to point you to a huge collection of 11x8½ digital scrapbook quick pages that we have at ScrapQuick.com - it's my favorite size, too -- and not very easy to find! We have a bunch on closeout right now, too.


have fun~