Jun 13, 2007

Friends At Last...

This landed in my email box today. It comes from
Scrapbooking.com's weekly trade (retailer) newsletter. The article was written by the CEO of The Smart Group, Dennis Conforto. I must have missed the announcement that PMAI and Memory Trends were going to be "co-located". I knew they were talking but I must have missed any news beyond that. This settles the "third show" dispute from this Spring - if it's really happening. I DO think we need our own show. I have always liked Memory Trends for it's exclusivity. Now, could you move them all out of Las Vegas??? Then I would be TRULY happy about it - LOL!

"Manufacturers will have the new layout for the co-located shows of both Memory Trends and PMAI. They will see the same value pricing that Memory Trends always provided the Scrapbooking Industry. Both PMAI and Memory Trends shows will be in the same building at the same time with separate entrances and separate halls, but from which any retailer from any industry will have access to. Both exhibit areas will be joined together in the middle where the PMAI SMART Store will be located. And the educational tracts that PMAI is famous for will be integrated into the Memory Trends educational programs. Those that loved the Memory Trends show because of its total focus on the scrapbooking industry will still be satisfied. It will continue to be pure scrapbooking at its very best. Those that want to link up with the photo industry for even more synergies can and should.

For the first time the photo industry will see the full power of the scrapbooking industry and in turn the scrapbooking industry will see the full power of the photo industry. It is the best of both worlds and everyone wins, especially the millions of new consumers who knew nothing of scrapbooking but will now be exposed because of PMAI and the power of market synergies."


Anonymous said...

PMA bought SMART group and MT, SMART group is owned by Dennis Conforto, who also owns Scrapbook.com. PMA has not offered value pricing as promised of MT, as a vendor we've recieved our pricing and it's over twice the cost of CHA. PMA and Dennis are trying to get scrapbooking vendors to re-align with photo industry over craft industry. And don't get me started about the $100 million dollar scrapbook TV show idea. For most - just sit back and enjoy the show. It's going to be messy.

Dennis Conforto said...

Well I always love an anonymous quote as they hide behind the word anonymous makes you wonder why they just don't say who they are. In this case they hide who they are but say who I am. Kind of not fair but I am use to this kind of treatment over the last few months. This is Dennis Conforto and PMA has not sent out its pricing to any vendor for the Memory Trends show at PMA. But that information is forth coming this next week to the entire industry. So our anonymous writer is not sharing the correct facts within this blog. This is not a Dennis and PMA re-alignment move as suggested by anonymous. There are over 450 Scrapbook companies who are now members of PMA. This is not a Dennis Conforto thing or the Dennis show, frankly I am just one of many voices, maybe I am the most vocal but by no means am I alone. This is an industry movement that started long before I entered the picture. There are now 20 executives who make up the new Scrapbooking Executive Committee of PMA. They are some of the industries very best retailers, manufacturers, publishers and distributors. Soon the marketing machine of CK Media Group who owns Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks, Scrapbook Consumer Show, TV personalities and the Memory Trends Show will with PMA and others reach out to the industry to begin the process of showing the industry why aligning with the 90 billion dollar photo industry not only makes sense but also helps grow the scrapbook industry. The value pricing and the layout of the new PMA Memory Trends show is forth coming. I find it interesting that our mystery writer acts like they don't want the TV series happen, and thinks its some sort of joke and would rather talk about why it won't happen. So far we have two very large retailers who have asked to be considered one of the show sponsors. Sure it could fail and be a flop however at least I am trying along with several other companies to make things happen. Its always easiest to take a shot at those who try than at those who stand on the side lines pointing the finger at those who are on stage attempting to do anything. During the summer the web link for the new TV show will be made available to the industry. And finally why would any one say, enjoy the show its going to be messy. I for one pray and hope its not messy and I along with hundreds of other business just want to see our industry grow... Personal attacks on me serve nothing as I and others attempt to serve an industry we love.