Jun 21, 2007

Faded Fads

Remember the 5 minutes that we all drank a LOT of soda to get these little beauties off the top of the can? I can still remember seeing layouts with flower petals made out of these. I thought it was totally bizarre then, but now it's downright funny.

It just speaks to the craziness in the industry sometimes. At ScrapBiz, we pretty much had a home-brewer supply place loving us with the THOUSANDS of colored bottle caps we were buying to put into kits or packages to sell to our customers. Don't throw your leftover bottle caps away, though, like rounded corners and circle cutters, they will come back in time like any good fad will.

What other passing (and sometimes crazy) fads have we gone through?? And what tools win the "I Can't Believe I Bought That" award? Mine is the Blade Runner. Good idea, bad product. I murdered the edges of all my plastic letter templates with those (remember when we had to DRAW and CUT OUT our OWN letters?!) The other would have to be the oval cutter. I never did get a good oval with that thing. Perhaps that's why ovals are dead... for now.

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