Jul 16, 2007

Naming Your Baby - Scrapbook Style

Soo, we were having a little discussion at ScrapBiz the other day. And the topic of names and letter stickers came up. Who doesn't blow through their A's, E's, R's, D's, and S's really fast? I always run out of those darn N and M's myself. If I did the names of my entire family in letter stickers, it would require 6 N's, 6 M's and 3 A's. The only good thing is that my last name has a Y in it. I could use of 4 Y's if I did everyone's full name!! But, our names have most of the usual common letters in it leaving me with a lot of Q's, X's, Z's and J's.

My friend has a nephew named Xavier - now THERE'S a name that can really use those extra letters. Then we tried to come up with names that would blow through other letters, Xydr (Zider), Zexiyus, Ulyssus, Puxyz, Xerxes (nope, the E's go first - how about Xurxys?) hmmm, what else?

So, if you're expecting a baby and have a normal name that uses all the common letters, take a look at your leftover letter stash before you settle on a name for your little peanut. It will making scrapping that baby book so much easier and help you get rid of those pesky unused letters that you can't BEAR to throw away. Tell you're husband that you're just trying to be THRIFTY - not brand the child for life and that ANY scrapbooker would completely understand why your daughter is named Zixiyus Jizquk! BTW - why the heck don't these companies make sheets of common letters that you can go back and buy? Once the vowels are gone, you're doomed!


Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

Names like Amanda and Braeden will render any sticker sheet useless after the first title!

Speaking of baby names, has anyone used a scrapbook magazine as a source for name ideas?

tiedupinribbons said...

cute post. I have to make up stuff like QT pie and Xtra special...to get rid of my odd letters!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I bought a pack of Christmas letters and while it does have doubles of some vowels I realised it only has one 'S'.... They are Christmas letters and I can't even spell 'Christmas' with them!!

loadofscrap said...

I absolutely love this blog entry - it's going to have me chuckling for the next week!!