Sep 10, 2007

Beads - my other obsession

I LOVE beads. The funny thing is that I don't bead. It's not that I don't want to - I just don't really know how or have time to learn how. My sister-in-law is a beading maniac and she makes some AMAZING things. She beaded me this watch a couple of years ago. I wear it to trade shows and someone always asks me where I got it.

I got the Oriental Trading Company bead catalog today. I LOVE their glass novelty beads - they have so many cute shapes and colors!!! I would love to just buy them all. But, then, I'd just be a bead collector like I am a scrap supply collector! So, instead, I keep the catalogs for a few months and pour over them.

Someday I'll round up a beading class and learn how to make all those fun things! I know it's not really hard, I just need to learn HOW to do it!

Which reminds me... I vaguely remember a company that was going to come out with a line of HALF-beads for scrapbooking. They would lie flat on your page. I wonder what happened with that. I guess beading on your pages never really caught on. Probably a good thing - even half a glass bead would be really lumpy.


Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

I know lots of people who "collect" scrapbook supplies and never actually use them. Same syndrome I think!!

Anonymous said...

have you gone to shipwrecked beads yet?