Sep 19, 2007

Comments from a New Member...

StaceyM joined ScrapBiz a few weeks ago after struggling to get her business off the ground on her own. Since joining, she has become a ScrapBiz addict (as most people do).

Here's what she's said about ScrapBiz since then:

"THANK YOU soooo much for this site and all the help!! The best money ever spent was here on SCRAPBIZ and I so mean that!!! What I have already learned here is amazing!! I will pass this site on to anyone I know!!"

And a few days later:

"CAN I just say I love this site!!!

I am learning sooo much already!! There is soo much to read and so much to learn. Everyone here is sooo amazing already! You girls all rock!! Very cool that a group of women who all are in the same business are so willing to be helpful to each other. SandraB thank you a million times for telling me about Scrapbiz!!!"

If you are looking at starting your own business this Fall, there's no better place to do it than ScrapBiz. We've been helping people just like Stacey for FIVE YEARS!

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