Oct 16, 2007

Christmas is coming!

I am all about the fast and easy scrapbook page. When I shop, it seems that without realizing it, I am always drawn to Bo-Bunny products. The stickers are big and bold and work well on my 8 1/2 x 11 pages. One or two stickers, some mounted photos, journaling and a little ribbon or flower and I'm done!

The Bo-Bunny stuff even adorns some of the pages of my digital books. Their stickers are flat but with a 3-D look.

No, Bo-Bunny isn't paying me to promote their stuff - I just got an email today from one of our ScrapBiz distributor partners announcing that they are getting in the VERY CUTE Bo-Bunny Christmas line. I drooled over the email and can't wait to go out and get it!

My other favorite is the Flair Holiday line. I love the vintage look of "Here Comes Santa Claus" - it will be perfect for my 1960's era (yikes - I'm THAT OLD!?) Santa Claus photo (I was like 1 - I'm not THAT old!)

For some reason, I am ready to get going on Christmas early this year! I am already planning my cards - of course, every time something cute like this comes into my email box, I change my plan!

Here's a suggestion for the industry - make holiday card embellishment sheets with TWENTY of the same thing in the pack (same size, same color, same item). I hate trying to round up enough of ONE THING to make 50 cards. It always seems harder than it should be. I always end up buying a stamp or a die so I can duplicate my design many times. I have tons of Christmas stamps because of it - and I'm not a stamper - but sometimes, it seems like my only option. Otherwise I have to buy a variety of things that I won't use just to get the things I need.


Pieces of me said...

I am totally with you one the Bo Bunny stuff. They don't pay me either and I don't care I still promote them every chance I get. They are on my top 3 list. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Focus said...


What about Thanksgiving?

Where did Thanksgiving go??


Kim Guymon said...

I don't have to make 50 cards before Thanksgiving! :-)