Oct 17, 2007

A Haunting We Did Go!

I love traditions! My family holidays were always rich with silly traditions.

We have some traditions with our own kids such as making Valentines for grandparents every year and going "Boo-ing" every October.

We went out and "Boo-ed" last Monday night. "Ding-Dong Ditch", "Ring-and-Run", whatever you want to call it - we did it. And, since Mark is still in recover mode and not the best runner (it's hard to run in the dark when you can't feel your legs!), this was the first year the boys got to do it on their own. They were so excited and planned out their escape route at each house. The trick is to NOT GET CAUGHT!

We sneak cookies and a note on the front porches of neighbors and then RUN after ringing the bell. They are supposed to place their own BOO sign on their front door to let everyone know they've been "Boo-ed" and then within 48 hours, they are supposed to "Boo" two other families.

I think I got the poem I use out of a Martha Stewart Magazine. I actually have 2 or 3 different "Boo-ing" poems. I notice that you can even buy kits to do it now.

Once we "Boo" - we count the days until someone does it to us. Towards the end of the month, sometimes we get hit a couple of times because people run out of others to "Boo".

My neighbor across the street called me this morning and said, "I know it was you! It was too scrapbooky - it had "Kim" written all over it!" (CURSES!) But, she had called her friend that works at the local paper about it because she thought it was such a cute idea. It will be included in a little "community happenings" section of the paper.

One year, someone "scooped" us and started it before us. My kids were ticked! It was funny though because the "Boo" sign was our original sign but photocopied about a hundred times so that it was all grainy.

Just make sure you don't make it TOO "scrapbooky" so you are found out. It's hard for a scrapper to make things like the rest of the world! It's like singing off-key. I always heard that if you CAN sing, then you find it nearly impossible to sing off key if you need to for a skit. If you are in the habit of embellishing every piece of paper that leaves your house, then it's hard to let one leave without your "mark" on it! But you might have to try so that the mystery of the "Boo" is left in tact.

Happy Halloween!


wendy @licketysplitscrapbooks said...

We do this every year! Our neighbors started it when we moved in 6 years ago and it has continued ever since! The kids look forward to it every October.

Anonymous said...

Thank for past years boo's..you brightened and touched the kids hearts