Oct 18, 2007


A shout-out to my friend, Angie Pedersen, for pointing this out to me. I missed it in a recent issue of The Creative Leisure News. Actually, I read it, but didn't make the connection. She was kind enough to smack me with the "DUH!" board - LOL! Thanks, Angie *she says rubbing the knot on her head*.

From The Creative Leisure News on trends: "The next hot trend will come out of nowhere, just like scrapbooking did." I think the next hot trend will come out of a home party business. Most likely it will happen when a successful company tries to squeeze their sales force with restrictive rules. The party sales women, after learning to how to sell, decide the new rules are too much. They find suppliers and strike out on their own. Later they get tired of lugging product to homes (and with a big mailing list)they open stores. Rubber stamps started that way after Stampin-up raised prices. Scrapbooking came next after Creative Memories decided that their "consultants" couldn't sell
anything but their products." –Rob Bostick,

WOW! I think I need to introduce myself to Rob. That's pretty much the ScrapBiz story in a nutshell - only it happened 5 years ago. The only difference is that I haven't created products as a result. However...

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