Oct 18, 2007

Fall Craft Shows and Angel Policies

It's funny how I see the most messages regarding Angel Policies during the Fall. It just dawned on me that it's because many people are attempting to make a little Christmas shopping cash by selling their crafts at shows.

First of all, if you want some terrific books on selling your crafts at shows, get yourself copies of HANDMADE FOR PROFIT and THE CRAFTS BUSINESS ANSWER BOOK by Barbara Brabec. Barbara has excellent advice for selling your crafts at shows.

Number one - get your rear out of that chair and your nose out of the book! You don't have to act like a used-car salesman, but if you aren't excited about your wares, why should anyone else be excited about them? Talk to people when they stop by your booth. Don't shove your products down their throats, but just talk to them. Be friendly and enthusiastic. Listen to them and address their concerns. If something is only available in pink and someone says, "I only have boys". Then offer to make her a custom one after the show in blue. Take a 50% deposit and exchange personal information. Don't just go, "Ohhh, I'm sorry, we had some blue ones but they sold out."

Number two - realize that most people there won't scrapbook! And, they want finished products at decent prices. Projects should be simple to use (plop a standard sized photo without trimming) and made from inexpensive materials. Don't waste Basic Grey's Figgy Pudding that took you 3 weeks to find on non-scrappers. The red/white candy-cane striped paper you got for 20 cents a sheet at Michaels can look just as fabulous to the non-scrapper.

And finally, Angel Policies... Here's a past post about Angel Policies. For the mom selling a few things at the school craft show, it's not a big deal. It's when you show up on a national show with their stuff that they will get testy.

Good luck with your booth if you are selling this season!!!

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