Dec 27, 2007

Breaking Up is Hard to Do...

Have you ever dated someone who didn't get the subtle hints that you "just aren't that into them"? You may have had a conversation with them where you flat out said, "I don't really like you THAT much" yet, they kept calling as if nothing was wrong? Perhaps it's their ego. They just can't IMAGINE being dumped because no one (in their mind) has ever done THAT to THEM.

That's sort of what I've got going on with CHA right now. I think I've told them at least 3 times in 3 different ways that I'm "just not that into them" anymore. Yet, this came in the mail last week. Am I supposed to be scared that my dues are OVER DUE? I haven't paid them since they were due in October - get the hint.

You see, I woke up one morning and realized that CHA doesn't do anything for me besides provide me with companies who produce more junk to glue on my pages. And, we have so BTDT when it comes to gluing everything but the kitchen sink on our scrapbook pages. I need a deeper, more meaningful relationship with a partner who has similar interests.

I've also found that CHA really isn't that into me. Yes, the scrapbook section is nearly 50% of their shows, but as far as actually giving any other benefit to our industry (unless you ship a LOT of products and can use their shipping discount), they miss the boat. There isn't much research targeted specifically for our industry and they have a cheesy "National Craft Month" every March with a spokesperson that I had to Google to learn who she was. Scrapbooking REALLY isn't a craft most of the time. There are crafty elements of it and some projects ARE crafty, but at it's core, it's about photo and personal history preservation. That's not what the guy selling plastic canvas in aisle 74 at CHA is all about. He's about crafts.

So, despite my new relationship with PMAI and the Professional Scrapbook Retailers Organization (PSRO), CHA continues to bug me with invoices for my dues. Incidentally, we already had a conversation about those dues - one of the times I told them it was over. Last year and for the previous 4 years I have been a member, my dues were $100 a year. Suddenly, they are $400. It's basically a shakedown because I don't exhibit at their shows (non-exhibiting service supplier). Therefore, it's not fair (in their mind) that I pay LESS than someone standing in a $2000 booth for 4 days. So, I am basically paying for the right to NOT exhibit at their show. So, if the ONLY thing I MIGHT go to is ONE of their shows each year, that's an awfully expensive show badge.

So, I will once again send back my invoice with CANCEL written across it. I'm done. Totally done. No regrets done. Scrapbooking is about photos and CHA thinks it's about something else. We don't share the same philosophy so I'm movin' on! Somebody call Neil Sedaka - I need to deliver a singing telegram to CHA. This year I'm going to PMA!

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Focus said...

I noticed three things:

1. Dresses were a LOT longer back then.

2. Neil used a LOT of Brylcreme on his shiny hair.

3. And you are REALLY going to Vegas!