Dec 25, 2007

A Christmas Story... in 30 seconds...and by rabbits...

I bet you're SO INTRIGUED that you can't WAIT to click this LINK!

Mark and I stayed up late last night to watch the entire thing on TBS. Then we turned it on again this morning. We gotta get our own DVD of it (we have a VHS tape) so the kids can watch it on Clearplay. Of course, after seeing it HUNDREDS of times, we pretty much know when to hit the mute button.

I saw this movie on Christmas Day in 1983 and my whole family walked out of the theater shaking our heads wondering what the heck we just watched. But, then, we caught the bug and since then, lines from the movie have woven their way into our family conversation. I got a present today on which my father had written "Frageelay". It was an antique Roseville Vase, not a leg lamp, though.

So, in case you missed it on TBS today. Here are all the good parts, in 30 seconds, by rabbits.

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