Dec 10, 2007

From the Odd Files: Talking Tombstones.

LINK to article.

Seriously, how long do you think the cemetery criminals would leave a digital picture frame alone? I've seen photos on headstones, but this is a little odd. Why don't we do a holograph talking-head like Disney does in their haunted house? Or, "they" could stand next to their headstone like Obi Wan Kenobi and tell the TRUE story of their life and dispel all the rumors, myths and outright fabrications their relatives told about them at their funeral.

And, in Seattle, you'd never get it to play if it needed 4 hours of sunlight to charge the cell. When bad ideas are just... well, bad... Now, a digital frame with an Urn for ashes behind it, I could see, but this is odd.

I'm filing this under SCRAPBOOK HUMOR, because it's humorous... in a twisted way.

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