Dec 11, 2007

Taking Great Christmas Photos

My thanks to Jim for sending me these great tips! I told him he needed to teach me how to use my Sony A100 DSLR and the result has been these great sites with tips. Here are some ideas on how to take GREAT photographs this holiday season: LINK.

I'm going to go round up a star filter! I haven't yet ventured into filter-land. I just got a new lens - you know the one that's as long as your arm and someone always comments on - "Wow, that's ONE BIG LENS" - I call it "Lens Envy". I've suffered from it for some time myself until Mark bought me one for an early Birthday gift. I LOVE it! Now I'll have to get a filter or two to play with.


Musicmom-Amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!!!

Focus said...

Happy birthday!!! What kind of lens did you get for your birthday...details, I need details! ;-)

(Thanks for posting my link.)


Kim Guymon said...

I got a 75-300 lens. I sat at the back of the Winter Concert and took close-ups of my boys a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome!

Now for some fun filters because I don't think I'll get anymore lenses out of Mark - LOL!