Dec 12, 2007

Nifty New Digi Book (etc) Company

I stumbled across this company while chasing a project at Martha Stewart's site. Rocket Life rocked my world this week! Yes, I know, there are TONS of digi book companies out there and I think I have used all of them and, really, they are all good in many ways. I am STILL on the hunt for PERFECTION! Perfection might mean different things to different people but I have my own list of what would make up the PERFECT digi book company. Rocket Life is definitely in the running!

I ordered my first book on Monday - I'll let you know about the quality when I get it. I'm not wild about the backgrounds (okay, the winter one is ADORABLE), but after talking to the company, I know they are going to be tuning those up.

Nifty things about Rocket Life:

  • Smart Arrangement technology (their Secret Weapon) - their program snatches the photos from your computer file and auto fills the book. The cool thing is that it pretty much knows which photos to group together. The result is a really fast book! You could literally order it in 5 minutes. You don't have to upload them all to their site first and then drag them over to your project.
  • BUT! Being a scrapper, I need to rearrange things and add journaling. But, even that is easy. You can just click a button and it will change the layout on a page several times rearranging the photos each time. Then, add some journaling and a drag and drop coordinating graphic and away you go!
  • You can change up the backgrounds within a theme by clicking the button that lets you use other options in the theme. You can go deeper into it and change the color of each background. Basically, you can do as much or as little as you would like to do to each page.
  • You can order the same book in different sizes without having to re-size the pages by hand. Shoot, you can snatch a page and order it on a mug or puzzle without doing anything but ordering it. So, you create ONCE and can order a variety of products. Cool!
There is a bit of a learning curve for the platform - but it's not that bad and only necessary if you intend to be a "scrapper" and customize all the pages. And, once you figure it out, it's SUPER FAST to work through page changes.

I'm excited about this new company and will be watching them with interest! They will be at PMAI next year. I tell ya', I can't WAIT to go and discover all these GREAT companies. I really hope that more Scrapbook industry professionals will invest in going to this show so I'm not all alone. We need more Scrapbassadors! Since I have started digging into the photo industry, I have had my eyes opened many times by all the nifty techy stuff we are ignoring for the sake of preserving our paper. The paper scrapping will never go away, but we really need to figure out how to incorporate technology along side it AND MAKE MONEY DOING SO! I am convinced more and more that it can be done more easily than we think it can but not in the way we are being told we should. This shift will take a change of heart and an open mind. But, unfortunately, many would rather struggle than adapt.

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