Jan 7, 2008

Everybody say, "AAAAAAMEN!!!!"

Linda Fantin of the Salt Lake Tribune has been a lightening rod at times this past year thanks to her one-sided take of the Hall of Fame nastiness. But, her article today deserves a big "AMEN" from scrapbook retailers everywhere. LINK.

Beginners are the heart beat of our industry. Without them, we can't survive. Yet, we have done very little to introduce them to scrapbooking. We just moved on as if everyone in the world with photos already knew about scrapbooking and did it.

Until we reach out to the community and basically INVITE people to TRY scrapping, we will continue to shrink as scrappers burn out for various reasons.

So, if you're a retailer, pledge with me to introduce scrapbooking to at least 5 new people this week. Then do the math - new scrappers buy all the goodies seasoned scrappers already have. And, that's a good chunk of change worth trying for!

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