Jan 2, 2008

PSA: 'Tis the Season...

Here's my PSA for the day as tomorrow is the Iowa Caucuses (Cauci? What's the plural of Caucus?). Coming soon to a phone near you - 500 calls a day where you have to put down your Quickutz to go answer the phone only to be greeted by a long pause and then some recording about why you should vote for Harold Putzmeyer for President of the Universe.

REGISTER your number to stop the calls. This is not a mandatory list like the regular Do Not Call registry, but, hopefully the candidates will honor it and not call those who don't wish to be interrupted every 5 minutes between now and November. I think it was a mistake to not include political calls in the national Do Not Call registry. A recorded robocall is probably going to do little to persuade someone to vote for a certain candidate. But, it will annoy the heck out of LOTS of people. I don't know why they use them, but they do, 'cause they can.

Then, get yourself a TeleZapper. They really do work - especially on Robocalls.


Focus said...

Hi Kim..........

I believe it is "Caucuses",
and isn't the Iowa caucus

...but then again, I'm normally a day late and a $ short! ;-)

Musicmom-Amy said...

Verizon's "Call Intercept" works great too! Many a sales call have been diverted :O)Thanks for the heads up.

LisaVB said...

I'm in Iowa...belive me, we've been getting those darned calls for the last 2 months!! I hardly dare answer my home phone anymore!

Will be glad to get our caucus over with tonight and let someone else take the heat for a while. LOL