Feb 8, 2008

Do You Want My Business or Not?

My BIG trade-show pet-peeve is unfinished websites! I sat down tonight to go through my PMA brochures and was reminded of this cool album company. They have these nifty albums in a bunch of square sizes from 3x3 to 12x12 in bright, cool colors that have full adhesive pages. They are meant to be like the modern day version of the old "magnetic" albums that ruined all our photos. But, these would be so cool for digital scrapbook pages. You just peel the paper off the photo safe adhesive page and slap on your digital (or even flat traditional) page. It ends up looking like a very chic coffee table book.

So, I thought, "Hey, I'm going to go look at those at their site". So, flyer in hand with the idea that I might contact them on behalf of ScrapBiz, I went to their site. Well, the "bones" of the site are there, but there isn't any information or photos about those particular albums.

How hard is it to make sure your website is done before taking your business to a trade show? These businesses paid thousands of dollars to exhibit, but they couldn't get their website done? I may or may not remember to check back in a couple of weeks. Tonight, I had time to look and their flyer in my hand. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done this since returning from PMA. They are really missing out on a lot of "after-show" customers.


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