Feb 12, 2008

"Netflix" for Scrapbooking and other Scrap Fantasies

My parents signed my husband up for Bookswim for Christmas. It's a good idea - like "Netflix" for books. There are lots of books worth reading, but not owning. However, he got two large business and political books and he finally gave up trying to finish them (he has very little spare time) and sent them back last week - about half-way through his gift period. So, for the cost, unless you have a ton of time to read, it's probably cheaper just to buy the books. DVDs are a 2 hour experience but books are a 20 hour experience.

Then I found a "Netflix" for purses. Why buy one Coach purse when you could rent MANY different Coach purses? Interesting idea for someone who is purse-obsessed.

Then I found a "Netflix" for watches. Why buy the Gucci watch when you can "mix it up" and have a whole jewelry box full of watches (or at least LOOK like you do). This is something my husband can relate to. He is watch obsessed. His favorite brand is Skagen (pronounced Skayen) from Denmark.

Heck, someone is even renting TOYS a la Netflix.

So, is there or could we have a "Netflix" for Scrapbooking? I know some stores are renting Cricut cartridges or have die-cut club memberships already. But with this you could sign up to receive your favorite tools on a rental basis. Need a Crop-a-dile? Have it sent? Want to try a Quickutz or Slice? Sign up to get it next. It would be a "try before you buy" scenario. This would prevent the feeding frenzy that happens every time a new tool shows up. Like the Big Bite - many were sold, but many were returned when some people discovered it wasn't as great as it looked and that they really DIDN'T need to put eyelets in the middle of a 12x12 page.

Then when we've done that, maybe we can set up GIANT vending machines to dispense that color of card stock or package of brads you needed for the card you have to take to the party in 5 minutes.

Then I'm going to work on a robot that is programmed to scrap 24/7 so I will be all caught up. Oh, it will also keep my scrap area completely clean and use every scrap so I don't have a pile of card stock chunks that I never know what to do with.

Okay, I'm going to Disneyland this week and I'm definitely already visiting FantasyLand...


Mel said...

Why not just go to your public library and borrow books there? renew them if you can't finish them right away or borrow them later on. It's free and it's been around for 100+ years.

Kim Guymon said...

We do that, however, our public library (like most) avoid the books my dh likes to read like the plague. Anything conservative never seems to find its way onto the "buy" list in our library.