Feb 20, 2008

Scrapbooking - 9-year old style!

We bought a Flip camera to take on our trip and my youngest thought it was the GREATEST thing ever. He commandeered it when we want to San Juan Capistrano and made his own video of it. It was a bit like the Blair Witch Project with him turning it on himself and making comments about everything, but so funny.

He was like, "HEY! They have lizards here!" or "Hey! Look at these cool flowers that look like bird-heads!" He would pan so fast that your eyes wanted to spin in your head. But the result delighted him! It was his own "scrapbook" of sorts. I pasted all his clips together at Movie Maker and added a title to it and burned it to a DVD.

We are seriously thinking about getting each of our boys one of these to document their world. It was fun to see San Juan Capistrano through the eyes of an 8-year old boy. The things he found interesting were not the same things we did. And, it kept his hands busy and his mind engaged. He wasn't doing the "Can we GO NOW" that he probably would have been doing otherwise.

This is the greatest little camera! It was our only video camera we took with us and we were always surprised at the colors and sound when we uploaded it to my laptop. The only beef I have is that when you use the zoom (which is only a 2x zoom), the picture suddenly loses it's sharpness. We learned to NOT zoom because it doesn't really do much for you anyway. We only went through 2 sets of AA batteries and because we had my laptop to download to every night, we never filled it in a single day. The most we had on it was 35 minutes and we thought we took a LOT of video that day.

Great little camera for the money!

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