Feb 20, 2008

We saw Seals at SeaWorld and Seal at Disneyland...

LINK to photo. I was sitting on a bench by the Matterhorn at Disneyland on Monday waiting for my boys to ride it and noticed Seal and Heidi Klum standing 10 feet from me at a face-painting booth. They were just starting to get their kids' faces painted (they had two body guards and a Nanny for each child). I snuck in a shot with my Flip camera (which I LOVE, by the way but more about that later) but was quickly blocked by a big guy in a royal blue suit (yes, ROYAL BLUE! It was hideous - way to "blend in", Mister).

Apparently, EVERYONE got into the face painting. A little bizarre... At least Michael Jackson used to dress up like an old lady to go incognito at D-Land.


Musicmom-Amy said...

LOVE celebrity sightings at D-land!!! Honestly they didn't have THAT many security guards with them.

We too saw MJ at D-land (New Years Eve) but he came flying in on a helicopter w/McAuley Caulkin. Oh, does that date me? HA!!

Focus said...

But where is the photo that you took with your new flip camera? Gotta wanna seeit