Mar 11, 2008

The Colors of My World

I love pink and brown - oddly, I don't have any of it coloring my world (maybe it's all the men in my life). I also love turquoise and brown - the new "pink and brown".

One of our distributor partners has their own line of totes and storage containers called Mackinac Moon. I love this one. So adorably cute!

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I'm not a very color-adventurous person. Mostly because I'm married to Mister "White is a color". Mark owns no less than 8 pairs of tan slacks and probably 6 light blue shirts. Some days I ask him if the people at work think he wears the same clothes every day. I tell him he dresses like nature - blue sky and brown earth. For some reason, he doesn't think it's funny.

But, I went BOLD in my bedroom - and Mark even agreed to it! He had painted our bedroom about a year ago a sort of periwinkle light blue and I painted all the trim white. We were trying to match the Danish Bing and Grondahl Christmas plates (too purple in these photos, though) we have a collection of.

I was struggling with accents because I didn't want just boring old blue and white and then I saw this chair at Pier One and decided that BLACK would be the perfect accent to the room. So now, I am looking for just the right amount of black to add to the blue and white. It's very dramatic. So out of character for us. And even Mark likes it (not that he really had any say).

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Musicmom-Amy said...

What happened to Mark's other favorite color? Moss green!!! Love the room colors. I bet it's very relaxing.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about a toile (I think that's how it's spelled) fabric accent pillows or making panels for your closet doors or headboard?