Mar 11, 2008

Honesty IS the best policy...

I have heard about the Olde Geneva Dairy Scrapbook Retreat in Indiana for several years. But, recently, a news story about it came through on my Google Alerts so I did a little investigating.

Wow! This could be the poster child for what not to do. It makes a case for ethics and education in running a business. There are several blogs that have covered this, but here is all is again:

Scrapbook Scrape
Scrapbook Retreat Raided That must have been a fun crop...
Customer Testimonials you DON'T want to use
More fun weekends
Smuggle me in some Deco scissors in a cake
Creepy Cropper
Maybe He Could Teach a Class...
It's NOT us!!!! Not sure I would have used the word "Old" in my Biz name

This is the most coverage I've ever seen of a scrapbook industry scandal. The owners of Scrap In a Snap and Leaving Prints slid right under the radar and largely disappeared. Pity... they both probably owed more money in taxes and to consultants than this guy did. Good thing they didn't ru(i)n their companies in Indiana.

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