Mar 27, 2008

Ecomonic Downturns Great for Scrapbooking??

Makes sense to me: LINK

Scrapbooking is a low-cost way to socialize and "nest" when you can't afford the theater or eating out - or a new dining room table. Actually, you can hammer your eyelets ON the dining room table and then say, "Gosh, honey, I didn't realize it would do THAT to the table. I guess we'll just have to buy a new one..." Or, let your kids use your markers on paper you've laid on the couch. "Gosh honey, I told them NOT to color on anything but the paper. I guess we'll have to buy a new couch. They're permanent markers. Ooops!"

Maybe that's the REAL reason the furniture industry is suggesting that we scrapbook. They know that scrapbook tools in the wrong hands can be fatal to furniture. Then they'll be there waiting...

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