Mar 31, 2008

Photo Shop Express

I'll admit it, I gave up on PhotoShop Elements a long time ago. Maybe it's because I'm fine with Microsoft Picture It or maybe it's because I just never could get the hang of the version of PSE I had. I even had a friend say, "It's easy!" and try to show me how. We both ended up frustrated. Someday I'll upgrade my version and try again. It's not that I'm too dumb to figure it out, I just haven't taken the time to. And, frankly, I have other programs that do what I need so I'm staying in my comfort zone.

My needs are simple. I don't have relatives to make magically disappear and I don't intend to straighten anyone's teeth or take out their wrinkles. I'm more of a "realist" with it comes to the universe. I don't agree with a tremendous amount of editing for cosmetic purposes.

But, I found Photo Shop Express recently. It's a light version of Photo Shop Elements - just enough features to do some fun stuff without being over the top. And, it's free! Check it out if you are a PhotoShop Elements drop-out like me!

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Focus said...

I'm not ashamed to admit that I too am a PhotoShop Elements dropout.....I have a limited time on this beautiful earth, and I did not want to spend a major portion of it learning Elements. For 95% of my images, I use Picasa, and the other 5% I use Microsoft Digital Image, which has a smaller learning curve than Elements.

Someday, when I'm good at taking photos, I won't need any editing software because I'll shoot the photo correctly the first time!;-)